All About PEDVAC

PEDVAC Foundation was founded in 1988 as a registered charity to provide services to the Port Elgin, New Brunswick district. In addition, Pedvac is a place to drop in, have a coffee and feel part of your community.

PEDVAC provides volunteers with an outlet to serve their community and a place to enjoy fellowship with others.

Recent research has shown that many families and single people in the Port Elgin district are living below the poverty level. Most of them are experienceing economic, social and emotional hardships. Much of their income is used for rent and utilities and little is left for food and clothing.

People who must live without adequate food, clothing and emotional support suffer a loss of human dignity. To fulfill these basic needs and to provide empowering services to all individuals in the area, the community developed and continues to support PEDVAC.

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To get involved and see how you can help click the Get Involved link above.

To see a description of the many programs and services facilitated by PEDVAC click the Programs & Services link above.



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Come on in to find out how you can serve your community!