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Administrative Assistant Position

Pedvac Foundation

This permanent fulltime position is created to provide a secondary person within Pedvac working directly under the Executive Director.  The duties of the Administrative Assistant shall include, but not be limited to office tasks involving handling money, making deposits, dealing with correspondence, dealing with the public, and doing research into areas of need for the Executive Director.  The Administrative Assistant will also be in charge of the Food Bank.  This facet of the position shall include but not be limited to maintaining the list of access to the food back to insure quality control, filling food box requests, and answering questions about accessibility to and availability of the food bank services. They will be responsible for maintaining the inventory of the food bank.  It must also be understood that because Pedvac has a limited number of employees each employee will be cross-trained in order to compensate for holiday and sick time.

 Requirements for the position:

 – While some post secondary education is preferable, suitable candidates with grade 12 or an equivalent may be considered.  There should be a willingness to pursue advanced training in the field of nonprofits.                 

– Computer skills to include but not limited to use of word processing

– Good oral and written communication skills.

– Organizational skills, prioritizing of weekly tasks, able to complete work with minimal supervision

– Ability to deal with the public.

– Knowledge of concerns unique to non-profit organizations, especially noting discretion, and preserving the dignity of the people whom are served.

– Good team player.

– Knowledge of and/or prior participation with organizations having a high percentage of volunteer hours


 The Assistant will be employed at the rate of $12/hour for 37-1/2 hours per week, 9 – 4:30, Monday thru Friday.  During some fundraising campaigns, the work hours may be altered to allow for activities.  Sick leave will be accrued at the rate of 1 1/4 days per month to a maximum of 20 days.  Absence from work due to illness for more than 3 consecutive days will require a doctor’s note. There is group health insurance available by private subscription.  Ideally this position will produce the next executive director for the organization at the retirement or separation of the current director.

 An evaluation will be held three months after commencing employment to determine whether the individual is suitable for the position.

Send resume to pedvacfoundation@nb.aibn.com or drop off at 12 Church St., Port Elgin, NB, E4M 1C1.



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