Extra Bag Days At PEDVAC February 2016, Web site back up

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Hello everyone, Vivienne here to remind you that we have extra bag days this month at PEDVAC.


EXTRA BAG DAYS IN FEBRUARY! Our racks are full! So because of this we will be having THREE extra bag days this month! Mark your calendar: February 11, 12, and 13 as well as the regularly scheduled February 18, 19, and 20. We look forward to seeing you! Come in and fill up a grocery bag with clothing for $2.

In other news, PEDVAC Web site along with 33% of the world’s Web sites hosted on WordPress were recently hacked world wide. We have reconstructed as much as we could and are now continually upgrading our security and doing our best to make sure that all our important updates will be protected to keep you up to date with the latest wonderful work that PEDVAC does throughout our region with humble gratitude for your support.

Just to catch you up, here is some of the news you might have missed, which thank goodness for Facebook, we can catch you up on.

Please check our Facebook page here to catch up on what’s been happening the past year. PEDVAC Foundation on FacebookScroll all the way back to November 2015. You will see photos and heart warming stories about:

  • The grants we have received
  • Our community garden
  • Bus trip planned which we will do again this Fall
  • Youth programs
  • Dream vacation raffle winners
  • New computers donated to our office
  • Our lupin quilt and craft fair including classic cars to keep the men happy while you shop
  • Volunteers working at craft shows, helping cut and sew our world famous mittens
  • Our new kitchen for cooking classes
  • Renovations and alterations to make our Food Bank so much more efficient
  • Our Womyn’s Spa Day fund raiser
  • Our new accessible bathroom
  • Food boxes going out to those who most need them including pet food so our furry family members don’t get forgotten, and so much more….

Thank you for your patience while we have been offline. We are now fully visible on the World Wide Web and look forward to your continued feedback and kind generosity.

Most grateful board member,

Vivienne Edwards



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5 comments to Extra Bag Days At PEDVAC February 2016, Web site back up

  • Hello Everyone, How did you like the extra bag days at PEDVAC’s boutique? Did anyone find any good bargains? I love shopping at the PEDVAC boutique and it supports all the great work done by this amazing organization throughout our region. Do check it out.

  • Joyce

    Gosh I missed the extra Bag Days at Pedvac in February. Is there any plan for March madness with extra Bag Days in March? Perhaps during March Break for the whole family.

    • Hello Joyce. How very lovely of you to make a comment on the Web site. I haven’t seen the schedule for March bag days yet, but will keep my eyes and ears peeled for the dates. You are such a lovely person and I am honoured to serve with you on the PEDVAC Board of Directors. I have now added the Port Elgin Regional School to our list of donors. Thank you so much for noticing that and bringing it to our attention. Many blessings always, Viv

      • Joyce

        Thanks so much Viv. You are the sweetest lady and have the special gift of making others feel better always. The whole board is so dedicated and lovely to work with. Thanks for all your hard work and good humour in the face of hacking 🙂

        • You are very welcome, Joyce. Awwww you make me blush 🙂 It is really a great board we work with. Thanks again for the support. We have a super Web host too, who does all he can to keep us safe and assist when things go awry. Thank you, Lead Generating Tools. I’d be lost without them.

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