The Fund Raising Spa Was A Huge Success

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Hello There, it is our joy to report to you that the PEDVAC fund raising spa back in April, was a huge success. The doors opened at 12 noon, folks were greeted at the door and directed to their appointments. In between appointments they were treated to snacks, tea and coffee in the lounge area.

Practitioners included 2 of our own board members;  Rachel Morouney, doing Head and Neck Massage and Vivienne Edwards doing Reiki treatments.

The ladies enjoyed hot wax hand treatments, pedicures, foot massage, facials, face massages and just general pampering by the generously donated services of all our volunteer spa pratitioners (We’d be happy to name you if you’d like your name published here).

In between Spa treatments and while waiting for friends there is always plenty of stuff to buy in the Boutique so in keeping with the theme of fund raising, the generous ladies who came to support us, shopped up a storm to help the many in our region who benefit from the great work and community support provided by PEDVAC.

We wish to thank Bev Melanson for taking these photos for us to publish and everyone who volunteered, shopped, and just came to share in the wonderful camaraderie and goodwill which made this Spa fund raiser a rousing success.

Here’s to next year being just as much fun and even more profitable.

In the meantime, the boutique is always open at PEDVAC. If you have an afternoon to spare to help sort donated items or just to shop, see our hours and sale specials on the programs page.

We sincerely thank you all again for your continuous, generous support,

Vivienne on behalf of Val with apologies for the delay of this update due to unforeseen circumstances. Still, better late than never. 🙂



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2 comments to The Fund Raising Spa Was A Huge Success

  • Darrell Qian

    Fundraising through various activities as sales, silent auctions, walk-a-thons, races, or entertainment events is a popular revenue generator for charitable and non-profit organizations. However, quite a few obstacles exist in the pursuit of running a successful fundraiser, including lacking or overworked volunteers, limited payment methods, limited reach, and overall process inefficiencies.”;

    Have a good day

    • Hi Darrell,

      Thank you for your comment. We don’t have a problem with returning volunteers for the spa as they all enjoy it. We also have several payment methods and the event is always booked solid.

      Have a great day!


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