Lupin Fair Vehicle Show

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The 5th Annual Lupin Vehicle Show will be held in Port Elgin, NB on Sunday July 6 from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Port Elgin Regional School.  Weather permitting come out and see antique and classic vehicles, special interest vehicles, modified vehicles, street rods, off road vehicles, tractors, and motorcycles.  There are no admission or registration fees and all are welcome to participate.  The Vehicle Show is held at the same time and place as the 33rd Annual Lupin Quilt Fair and Market.  There is a homemade food service and a full playground for children.  Come out and join in the fun!  33 Moore Rd., Port Elgin, NB.  For further information contact (506) 538-7638 or

Lupin Vehicle Show 1Lupin Vehicle Show


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