Pedvac Shopping Tour Bangor and Freeport MAINE October 24-26

Enjoy a cross boarder shopping experience and support a great charity at the same time. 


Maine is famous for its bargain shopping at outlets and outlet malls in Bangor and Freeport.  


Includes Transportation by Deluxe Coach, Hotel Accommodations and Continental Breakfast

$235 per person for quad room

$250 per person for triple room

$275 per person for double room

$315 for single room


Must register and pay a non-refundable $50 deposit by July 15th.

For more information contact Pedvac at 538-7638 or visit


PEDVAC Fund Raising Shopping Bus Tour Succeeds Again

Hello there, Vivienne here to report on the second annual PEDVAC fund raising shopping bus tour to Bangor and Portland, Maine and the Outlet Shopping Mall in North Conway, New Hampshire.

This year we had 44 participants compared to 26 last year and starting point was the Port Elgin Regional School. As pick up time was 06:00 hrs. still dark, this made it so much easier for drop off and pick up in the brightly lit parking lot than last year on the residential street where PEDVAC offices are located. We also made a stop in Sackville at the Home Hardware Store to pick up more people. Several tourists who were part of our inaugural group last year returned and the new people, young and old; who joined our group tour this year made it the great success that it was bringing even more fun and diverse interests. The more the merrier and PEDVAC will certainly put the funds raised to good use for the many programs which benefit so many throughout our region. All these numbers and reports are always available at the AGM in the Spring. Please do attend if you can. You will really be amazed at how much good comes out of this small group to help so many people throughout our region.

I must start by saying a great big “Thank You” to all those who participated this year for your kind cooperation, consideration and appreciation of me as a volunteer, reflected so generously in your collection and sweet “thank you” card. I must also apologize for the delay in writing this post and hope that you enjoy it nonetheless.

For our second year, learning as we get better at this, there were some changes as we went along which made the tour slightly different to the first year:

  1. We had requests to add Cabela’s (not in the original itinerary) to the tour this year, which we did after taking a vote on the bus, making all the hunters, fisherman, the brave lone man on the tour, Todd Trenholm and generally adventurous outdoors people very happy indeed. Thank you Todd for being our mascott! 😀
  2. We had a rotating seating plan which was loosely followed. Thank you to all of you who agreed to switch seats with those who had motion illness, allowing their family and friends to move with them so that they could sit together.  Many thanks also for helping me find your name on the seating chart to make boarding that much easier.
  3. We did not stop at the foothills of the White Mountains for our group photo as folks were quite tired after walking the outlets to shop ’til we dropped. So on our bus driver’s suggestion, we posed at the entrance of the mall with the moose. Try as I might, I just could not remember everyone’s name all the time. I remembered most some of the time, but that was the best I could do with so many on the bus and the absence of “dweeby” name tags. This is my meek explanation of the lack of names in the photo below taken by Brenda Trafford and graciously sent to me for which I am truly grateful:
PEDVAC Bus Trip 2013 group photo

PEDVAC fund raising bus tour participants, tour director and bus driver 2013

On the PEDVAC shopping bus tour 2013 fund raising

Fun on the bus. Much better than reading facts about the area.

We learn each year as we go to make the trip easier and smoother by allowing enough rest stops, tweaking the drop off places, making sure the eating stops are reasonably paced and timed for everyone and having enough down time to accommodate activity levels and pace for everyone.
Folks certainly did miss the cup holders at each seat this year for those of us wanting to carry a drink back onto the bus.

We had a 50/50 draw each day on the bus, handled by Diane Allen and Lynn Brander. Thank you ladies for a job well done! Congratulations to Bev Wood who won the first day, Jan Legere who won the second day and Sue Hawkes who won on Day3. Always nice to have a little extra shopping money! 😀

Surveys were given out at the end for feedback on the tour. The response was overwhelmingly positive about the tour and again we thank everyone for taking the time to fill them in making planning next year’s itinerary that much easier and tailored more for the wonderful participants who make this fund raiser ever more successful each year.

Shopping bags in the luggage hold PEDVAC annual fund raising shopping bus tour 2013

Shopping bags in the hold looking a bit alien 🙂

Clear large garbage bags were supplied by PEDVAC to put smaller shopping bags in for ease of unloading back at the hotel. Someone suggested I take a photo of the shopping in the hold when it was full as it looked a bit like something out of Star Trek all the bags, clear and egg-like. Eeeeewwwww, but what fun we had! By the time I got off the bus, Hal the bus driver was so fast helping everyone get their bags that not many were left so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Instead of the China Buffet group meal like last year, food stops were made at the mall and in places where everyone had a choice of fast food and restaurant food in most cases. At our North Conway stop, I really enjoyed a meal at Applebees with fellow PEDVAC board member, Brenda Trafford. Great meal and great company, thanks Brenda!

bus driver and tour director PEDVAC fund raising shopping tour 2013

Bus driver, Hal Arbeau and volunteer tour director, Vivienne Edwards

All that talking, I had to buy some throat lozenges. Ever handy and helpful Hal, our bus driver standing by as I get settled into my tour director seat at the front of the bus. At the Settlers Green Outlet Mall in North Conway, NH, the bus was set to be available for an hour to for us to drop shopping off half-way through our shopping time.  Hal, bless his cotton socks 🙂 was kind enough to give out more large bags as people returned with their shopping from the boxes on my seats and although we were late returning with ours, he was on the bus to unlock it for Brenda and I after we lost track of time at lunch. I feel that I was remiss not thinking to leave the movies on the bus in case he might want to watch one in his rest time. Thank you Hal for your great service above and beyond just driving us on our bus tour there and back safely.

It is indeed my pleasure to be the tour director each year on this fund raising bus tour to enable PEDVAC to continue its work as a Social Agency with outreach benefiting so many in our region and beyond.

For those of you unable to get out to the many craft shows or join us on the bus tour but wishing to help, we now have donation buttons you may use with your credit card here in the side bar of this Web site for general donations or donations in memory of a cherished one and gift certificates for the PEDVAC Boutique. Please consider using any of the donation methods you feel comfortable with.

Blessings for a safe and happy holiday season.

Vivienne Edwards

Maine & New Hampshire Bus Trip Still Has Spaces



Pedvac’s October 25 – 27 cross border shopping trip still has spaces.  Registration will be taken until September 20 and must be paid in full by then.


$265 per Double Occupancy

$240 per Triple Occupancy

$225 per Quad Occupancy

$305 for Single Occupancy





October 25 – 27, 2013

We will be shopping at the Maine Mall, Burlington Coat Factory and Kohl’s in Portland.  There will be TAX FREE SHOPPING at over 60 factory outlet stores at the Settlers’ Green Outlet Village in North Conway, the Christmas Tree Shop and the Christmas Shop.  We will also be shopping at the Bangor Mall and Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts.  Duty Free shopping at the border is included both ways. 



$265 Per Person Double Occupancy

$240 Per Person Triple Occupancy

$225 Per Person Quad Occupancy

$305 Single

Not only is this a chance for you to have a great shopping get-away but in doing so you are supporting a great charity. 

Upon booking your trip a $50 nonrefundable deposit is required.  All bookings must be made by June 21st.  First come, first serve.  Pedvac must receive full payment by September 20th.  Cancellations are non-refundable unless your seat can be refilled due to contractual obligations with hotels and buses.  Trip cancellation insurance is very important.

To reserve your seats and for further information contact Anne at 506-538-7638 or

PEDVAC First Annual Shopping Bus Tour Great Fun Great Bargains


Back Row left to right: Jean Trenholm, Chris Morrison, Heather Walton, Sarah LeBlanc, Shirley MacPherson, Natalie MacQuarrie, Joyce Cummins, Dianne Allen, Susan Allen, Cheryl MacGregor, Joyce Baxter, Roz Antcil, Lynne Brander
Middle Row, left to right: Judy Scott, Rita Cosgrove, Nita Conrad, Marilyn Prescott, Shirley Wall, Pat Legere, Heather Hastings, Dianna Baxter, Sally Scott, Wanda Wood, Edith Helm
Kneeling, left to right: Bert White, Annette Carter, Vivienne Edwards, Jan Legere, Carlene Patterson, Heather Murray

Hello All, Vivienne here to share with you the fun we had on the First Annual PEDVAC Shopping Tour. PEDVAC, a non-profit social agency is always looking for new and fun ways to raise funds for the very important work and social support needed in our region, thus the shopping bus tour was born. To learn more please see “All about PEDVAC” and “What’s Happening”.

28 shoppers from Sydney and Amherst, NS, Port Elgin, Sackville and Moncton, NB, boarded the bus at 6:00 a.m. and with our strong Canadian dollar, it was the perfect time for some cross-border shopping; and shop we did! Bargains were so plentiful that a couple of us even went over the $800 limit for duty free.

There was lots of room on the bus which was just over half full. Once we were en route to the CANADA/USA border I took the opportunity to tell our shoppers a little bit about PEDVAC and to thank them for their support by joining this tour. On board were some of our board members, including myself, former board members and staff, many of whom sell tickets to our annual Dream Vacation Raffle. A very big thank you to all the shoppers and Bert, our bus driver who bought tickets. Good luck to you all and I sure hope one of you wins first prize!

Calling our numbers to do head count

We learned to make sure we were all aboard with everyone calling out their number after each stop. Next year we’ll definitely have name tags; at least while on the bus so that I can have at least some hope of remembering everyone’s name 🙂

We made stops at Duty Free on the way out at St. Stephen’s NB and on the way back at Houlton, ME and found great deals there too. Both shops managed our group smoothly and we got back on the bus on time to keep to our schedule. The border crossing could have been more pleasant at Calais, ME so we chose to return instead via Woodstock, NB on the return.

Friday was a full day after the long drive with lunch at  Dysart’s Truck Stop & Restaurant in Bangor, Maine where the food was delicious and the service excellent.  On we rolled until the quick check in to the hotel then off to Burlington Coat Factory in South Portland, ME, which as the name may imply is not just a coat factory, but in fact is a clothing, accessories for the whole family and home decor department store. The Maine Mall was our next shopping and dining experience. As you see by their Web site, this is a huge mall with premier shopping, dining and entertainment in Portland, Maine with wonderful little boutiques, mall kiosks, food court, JC Penney, Sears, Best Buy, Macy’s and The Sports Authority among many other top stores,  shops and brands. Back at the hotel we had tons of bags and confusion as we unloaded the bus. Next year we’ll have large bags with our names on them in the luggage hold.

On Saturday and Sunday we rose early for the long days of shopping and dining. The Howard Johnson’s Hotel had an indoor pool, a restaurant and bar, The Season’s Grille which was fine and we were all quite satisfied with our rooms. Some of our ladies opted not to shop at some points, but to dine in instead and even enjoying a karaoke night in the bar/restaurant.

The North Conway, NH Settlers’ Green Outlet Village with TAX FREE SHOPPING at over 60 factory outlet stores was not to disappoint.  We shopped for many hours, taking breaks to eat and have tea in the food court in between. Some ladies even made 3 to 4 trips to some stores, the bargains were that good! There was always one or two of us at the food kiosk where they served Red Rose tea drifting in for breaks and to share our finds.

The Christmas loft

Christmas Loft magical Christmas wonderland

The scenery going through Maine into New Hampshire was breathtaking with the White Mountains as a backdrop and  mist rising over the lakes on either side of the 2-lane road and on through the little town of North Conway with rows of charming little shops. On the way back an unscheduled but very pleasant detour was made to the Christmas Loft  a true Christmas wonderland shop with magical charm, decor and every kind of ornament you could imagine to decorate the tree and home.  Also on the return we went to a scenic lookout point to take this great photo of the group at the foot of the White Mountains.

PEDVAC Shopping Bus Tour

The PEDVAC Shopping Tour group stops to enjoy the breathtaking backdrop of the White Mountains

This day ended with some going to Kohl’s Department Store across the street from the hotel, some staying in and a very few going to Target. Next year we definitely will include Kohl’s and omit Target.

On the way home Sunday we took in the Christmas Tree Shop. The description given  to me was that “it’s like a dollar store but a thousand times better and that much more selection”, and it did not disappoint. Everything from nick knacks to kitchen gadgets, seasonal items for not only Christmas but Halloween and every other holiday in the year. This is certainly not just a Christmas Store.

Lunch at the Happy China Buffet in Bangor, Maine was fast, efficient, and delicious and we were given a group rate for a buffet that was the largest one I’ve ever seen in 12 years of working in the travel industry. The custom stir fry where you pick your own raw ingredients was also included in the buffet price for a tip in the jar at the grill. We had 2 hours here but could have been in and out in one to take in the Joanne Fabrics store across the street for all our crafters on the tour.

On our way to shop some more!

By all accounts this fund raising bus trip was a resounding success. The pace was hectic, the scenery beautiful, the bargains plentiful, the bus driver was helpful and funny, and best of all we had a great group of 28 ladies who made my job as tour escort easy and fun. We already have our tour dates tentatively pencilled in for next year 2013, most of our ladies who went this year have already said they’ll go again next year and some even have additional friends and family committed to join us.

Put your email and name in the “Get Updates To What’s Happening At PEDVAC By Email Each Time We Post” form in the sidebar to subscribe for updates so that when Val posts the confirmed dates and itinerary for next year’s tour, you will get an email notice.

Until next year, save up your pennies and come have some fun for a good cause.

Wishing you all a blessed and safe Christmas Season,